ChiroMission.  What’s your Mission?

Let’s just be real.  A lot of us have it pretty good.  Our purpose is to bring the less fortunate up a notch.  Since 2001 we have brought more education, introduced chiropractic care and have been a channel for hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations and several tons of basic needs for the less fortunate.

ChiroMission, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) Not For Profit organization, that helps raise funds and provides healthcare for the less fortunate in countries such as Haiti, the Dominican Republic, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and more.


We Need YOUR Help

A monthly donation of just $40 will feed a child who desperately needs it. $80 will feed two of these children. Just $150 will feed five children. The impact is huge, with your generosity, we can donate thousands of pounds of food.

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Snapshots of our Impact


ChiroMission has built orphanages in the Dominican Republic that have taken children off the streets and put a roof over their head.


ChiroMission not only feeds the children in the orphanage, they built a garden so that the children learned a new skill, became self-sufficient and proud.


It’s not enough just to give. ChiroMission supports teachers salaries so less fortunate children can get an education that they will pass down for generations to come.


Yes!  That too!  Over 500,000 people have been adjusted over the last decade by ChiroMission. Talk about impact.

Donate for Education

$300 a year is all it takes to send a Haitian to school.  That’...

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Donate to Feed the Poor

$150 feeds 5 children every month, $80 feeds 2 for a month and $40 fee...

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Donate for Health Care

Healthcare is one of the most important aspects of creating a healthy,...

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