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    ChiroMission Headquarters

    255 Highway 97, Suite 2A
    Forest Lake, MN 55025


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    Chiropractors – Be a part of the largest mission in Chiropractic!

    “I was attracted to the ChiroMission trip to the DR and Haiti because I saw it as an opportunity to address my spiritual calling to help those less fortunate than myself. It turned out to be exactly that type of experience and more.  Getting to spend some time with like-minded, passionate chiropractors was very satisfying.  The opportunity to practice chiropractic in a very simple, pure form was amazing.  I also enjoyed the opportunity to mentor the students I spent time with.  When I returned home, I wanted to share my experience with my community to inspire them to get out and serve the needy.  I gave presentations at two churches, one elementary school, a Kiwanis club, and a Lions club.  There are other groups that have requested I come speak over the next few months.  Todd and J.C., I want to thank both of you for your passion, dedication, and inspiration to myself, and others.  Thank you for allowing me to utilize my special training to get my mind off of myself and serve others.  It was a privilege.

    – Dr. Darrel K. Loder, DC

    “To give, to love, and to serve,” that is what it’s all about. This trip was really life changing for me. I have to say I learned so many things, met so many wonderful people, and I am so grateful for everything that I have. Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to be part of this. I would like to come back and be part of the staff, and contribute a lot more to the mission. Let me know what I have to do, and I will do it!!

    – Adriana Perez, Chiropractic Student

    “My experience through Chiromission was eye opening. Even going as a volunteer the experience was unforgettable. The people of the Dominican Republic need the help and healing of chiropractic. I was amazed that mothers handed us their day/week old babies without hesitation and trusted us to increase their quality of life. It was amazing to go through this experience with my husband. We came home with the realization that ‘we no longer want, we no longer need, for we have everything.’ The Dominican people have forever changed my outlook on life; everything has been put into perspective.”

    – Melissa Barnes, Volunteer