ChiroMission’s Vision


A Message from the ChiroMission President, Dr. Aura Tovar

Welcome to the official ChiroMission website.  Since 2001 ChiroMission has been serving humanity for the greater good.  We honor you for making a decision to step outside of your comfort zone for the sake of others.  (Seriously, that’s pretty awesome),  Our purpose is to provide an experience that awakens internal feelings of generosity, appreciation and gratitude so that something wonderful can happen.  We look forward to the changes that will happen to you, to others and to the world as a result of your decision to give back.

Our mission is to promote Chiropractic and adjust all those who are subluxated throughout the world especially in Third World countries where resources are so limited.  It is our intention to cultivate students of  Chiropractic  from these deprived areas so that they may return to their beloved countries and work in offices established by ChiroMission, Inc.

ChiroMission Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organizations that helps raise funds for the less fortunate and we are happy to have the ability to raise tax-deductible funds for the people we serve.  

Our purpose is simple.  We want to serve the suffering and help provide a better standard of living with the use of natural, preventative Chiropractic care as well as raising funds for food, shelter, clothing and other basic needs.

Join us and be a part of a mission with a purpose.

Dr. Aura Tovar

Dr. Aura Tovar